Le Marché Villageois

Local flavours, fresh produce and handicrafts meet in the soul and culture of the village.

You can take a piece of Grimentz home with you from our grocery shop in the wine cellar building.

Fresh products

Seasonal vegetables: grown with care for an unequalled taste experience

Cheese and salted meats

Discover our selection of mature cheeses. Taste our choice of Anniviard cured meats. From the essential dried meat to a wide selection of sausages that will delight even the most delicate gourmets.


Grocery treasures: an assortment of tins, jams and cereals for healthy, nutritious eating.

Opening hours 

Eté 2024 ( 14 juillet au 8 septembre )

Monday-Saturday 08:00-20:00

Sunday 08:00-12:30


Monday-Saturdy 08:00-12:30 / 14:00-18:30 (20.00 fr+sa)

Closed on Wednesday afternoons and Sundays

Hiver 2024-2025 ( 20 décembre au 21 avril )

7/7 08:00-20:00